What is Mines Online?


Mines Online is engineering what’s next for online STEM education. It differs from its peers by focusing on the intentional processes (see course development overview graphic), to curate rigorous and meaningful coursework that furthers graduates’ understanding, skills and network to advance into uncharted territories.

Every element of a Mines Online education is designed to prepare our students for what’s next in their lives and careers. It’s a purposeful education that gives students exactly what they’ll need to thrive. To support and ensure these goals are met, Mines Online provides guidance, supports and resources for our faculty

This page provides more details about our program levels, Mines Online team members, online teaching faculty, academic programs & courses, and general contact information.


Approval and development overview includes 5 stages for the initial approval process, faculty trianing & course guide, course development, standards review & revisions, and finally the course being opened and taught.

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Please see olfaculty.mines.edu/about to learn about our organization and titles.

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At the Graduate and Post-Bachelorette program levels, Mines is creating a cohesive portfolio of online learning pathways including professional development (continuing & professional education), self-study modules, seminars, individual courses, stackable micro-degree programs, Certificate degrees, Masters’ degrees and PhD programs to meet the shifting needs of industry and individuals. Graduate level programming is our primary focus for Mines online education.

At the Undergraduate program level, the goal is to utilize online courses to provide flexibility for our residential students with bottleneck courses, summer courses, and +1 graduate degrees as they transition into the workplace. Additionally, online learning is quickly becoming an industry standard for professional development, so we want our students to become efficient online learners before leaving Mines.


Mines Online Team


Jeremiah Bellile
Video Editor, HIVE Senior Lead

John Bradford photo

John Bradford, Ph.D.
Vice President for Global Initiatives & Business Development


Dr. Francisco Garcia

Francisco Garcia, Ph.D.
Online Learning Experience Designer

Alicia Hill Photo

Alicia Hill, M.A.
Online Learning Experience Designer

Olivia Livneh

Jon Johnson, M.S.
Online Program Manager

Olivia Livneh image

Olivia Livneh, M.S., M. Ed.
Online Learning Experience Designer

Ana Lopez photo

Ana Lopez, M.A., M. Ed.
Online Learning Experience Designer

Charles Powell

Charles Powell, MSc
Multimedia/Copyright Specialist

Dr. Rudy Rico

Rudy Rico, Ph.D.
Online Learning Experience Designer

Dr. Samuel Spiegel

Sam Spiegel, Ph.D.
Assistant VP for Online Education

Olivia Livneh

Duygu Yalaz, M.A.
Industry Partnership Lead for Continuing & Executive Education

What is the difference between an OLED and an Instructional Designer?

Instructional designers are educated in design. They tend towards linear flow designs and templates. The work is driven by design rather than learning outcomes.

OLEDs are educated in both design and learning theory. They integrate design aspects into a course to ensure that learners can master the intended learning outcomes. Understanding outcomes and how learning works are the drivers of the design. At Mines, we do this through Engineering Learning (EL). EL is the framework we use to achieve effective teaching/learning regardless of modality.

Mines Online Stakeholders


Mines online stakeholder diagram showing John Bradford, Sam Spiegel, and Angela Dunn in the middle of the Mines Releaux Triangle with all the accompanying departments surrounding on the border of the triangle.

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The leadership structure of Mines Online was developed to create an incubator space to grow Mines Online while providing the support and guidance needed by our faculty. Mines Online helps bring together and coordinate resources, stakeholders, and students (our customers) in a manner that supports integrated, intentional, and responsive online programming.

Mines Online operates within the Office of Global Initiatives and Business Development  in a collaborative partnership with Academic Affairs

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Faculty Spotlights

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Programs & Courses

Click here for a broad summary of our programs, including important dates, admissions, tuition rates, and the portal to our Canvas Learning system. If you are interested in viewing current and past course schedules, please visit our Registrar’s dynamic scheduler.

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We are located in the southeast corner of the second floor of the Green Center at Mines. Feel free to drop in when you’re in the area! Appointments made in advance are appreciated if you have a specific item that must be discussed in person (or virtually).

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