Introducing the alumni knowledge archive

The Alumni Knowledge Archive is a Mines Online program comprising of video interviews with Mines alumni who have at least five years of work experience. We make these interviews available to our faculty and staff developers, who select clips to use in our Online graduate programs and in continuing education courses to help bring learning to life.

If you graduated with any degree from Mines, have at least five years of experience in the working world, and have an interest in sharing your expertise, we’d love to hear from you. We’re particularly interested in finding alumni who can share their insights in:

  • Energy systems and related challenges;
  • Executive training;
  • Digital shifts.

Sarah Labowski, MS ’08

Sounds Interesting. What would i talk about, or share?

We customize the questions to your experience. You might share:

  • Practical examples that help our faculty explain the ‘why’ to students;
  • Teach a short lesson on managing projects or another ‘soft’ skill;
  • Guidance on a technical skill;
  • Or insights into big issues impacting the world or a specific STEM field.

How to Get Involved

Interested in volunteering your time and expertise to help the next generation of Mines graduates? If so, getting involved is easy.

1. Start by scheduling a short (1/2 hour or less) pre-interview. This gives us a chance to answer any questions you might have about the project and to brainstorm what you’ll talk about.

2. At that time, we’ll schedule a time for a formal interview on campus, at your office (within 30 miles of Golden) or remotely over the Internet. We try to schedule the formal interview at least two weeks in advance, so you have adequate time to prepare.

3. We reach out to faculty and staff developers to refine our questions, then send the questions to you at least one week before your interview. We’ll also send you a packet with wardrobe guidelines and other information to help you look and sound your best.

4. On the day of the interview, please plan to spend around an hour with us (a bit longer if we’re recording remotely). We’ll work our way through the interview questions together, and you’ll have opportunities to rephrase an answer if you’re not happy with it.

That’s all there is to it! Once the interview is finished, we catalogue it and make it available for use in our courses.

Recording Studio on Campus

Sounds Great! How do I schedule a Pre-Interview?

Easy:  follow this link to the scheduler system to schedule a pre-interview, or reach out directly to Charles Powell to get started.