Student / Course Resources

Student / Course Resources

Below are resources for students organized into the following:  Learning resources, technical support, and other general resources. Please share these resources with students, or submit a Mines Online Support Request to integrate these items into your course.

Professional / Academic Skills

Guide to Online Learning

Prepare students for online learning at Mines.

Estimated time:  30 min

MyNextMove by Onet

Students complete an interest profiler to discover jobs that suit their interests, along with learning about the knowledge and skills required for those positions. For faculty too!

Estimated time:  30 min

Plagiarism Awareness

Students can discover the pitfalls of plagiarizing and learn new tools to help avoid it.

Estimated time:  1 hr

Learning and Mindset

Students can find out how their mindset affects their learning through interactive modules.

Estimated time:  1 hr

The Online Learning Environment

Prepare students and their personal technologies for online learning at Mines.

Estimated time:  30 min

Career Readiness

Potential students can determine whether or not to pursue an engineering degree and learn of programs that may be a good fit.

Estimated time:  30 min

Academic Integrity

Learn about the seven forms of academic misconduct.

Estimated time:  30 min

Intercultural Communication For MINES

Learn more about communicating with others.

Estimated time:  2-3 hrs

Refresher Topics


Learn more about matrices with opportunities for practice.

Estimated time:  2 hrs


Learn more about lines with opportunities for practice.

Estimated time:  45 min

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